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Exit Mask is my first Unity project handled entirely by myself. Primarily a visual experience, Exit Mask is a take on the effects of obsessive thought patterns. 

The development of Exit Mask began with two goals in mind: to serve as a personal expression where I had full creative control, and to gain a better understanding of the programming side of Unity, more specifically C# scripting and shader writing. Despite my skills being rooted in art, I valued the ability to collaborate closely with programmers and saw fit to acquaint myself with the tools and techniques I was not familiar with. On top of modelling and animating every 3D asset in the game, I wanted to challenge myself by also programming all of its logic, from player controller scripts and event handlers to visual effects.

Depicted in gritty black-and-white, Exit Mask takes you through a morbid vignette of unending intrusive thoughts, touching on topics such as mental health, self-reflection, and death.

Exit Mask in its entirety is now free to download on my page.

"...a brilliantly bizarre psychological nightmare well worth delving into"Free Game Planet

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