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Gravity Sucks is a mobile endless runner game developed in Unity by WALLRIDE in collaboration with local Minneapolis brewery Modist Brewing Co. 

Originally released in September 2021, Gravity Sucks was developed as a promotional tie-in for Modist Brewing Co.'s IPA of the same name.

A year later, in August 2022, a free update to the game, Gravity Still Sucks, was released to coincide with the unveiling of another IPA from Modist, paired once again with a local skateboarding fundraiser event. For my role as junior software engineer, I assisted WALLRIDE with developing, integrating and testing new content for the app.

To build upon the original Gravity Sucks, the features I was responsible for implementing included:

  • An outfit selection screen in which players could browse through cosmetic skins to select and/or purchase them with the coins they've collected

  • An achievement system that tracks metrics such as power ups collected, obstacles dodged, and scores

  • An online leaderboard and high score entry

  • A dumpster obstacle that slides between lanes and can collide with the player

  • A Tony Hawk-style S-K-A-T-E collectable that doubles the player's score

Gravity Sucks is available to download for free on both the Apple and Google Play store.

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