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** Featured on PC Gamer, Dread XP, and Slant Magazine

Inspired by Harmony Korrine's experimental black comedy Trash Humpers, Cookies is an abstract display of frivolous substance abuse courtesy from the other side of the tracks. Developed in collaboration with Penquin Games with music by Johar Ibrahim.

Featuring PS1-styled graphics and a hazy VHS video quality, Cookies is a nonlinear narrative game set in a squalid apartment rife with substance abuse, crime, poverty and hyper-violence. Choosing to forgo any direct form of story development, the player is instead given the liberty to roam the housing complex however they so please. Coming across a myriad of different items they can acquire, players can embark on numerous different story paths determined by their use of said items and interactions with the building's other tenants, similar to a "choose-your-own adventure" novel.

Aside from Trash Humpers, the ethos of VHS horror films, the Satanic Panic of the 1980's and bizarre tales of murderers like the Son of Sam serve as major inspirations for the art direction and iconography of the game, alongside Rockstar's ManhuntCookies features 10 endings, with vastly different plotlines, including run-ins with the cartel, backwater death cults and domestic terrorists.

Cookies is now free to download on my

..."best described as, “wow, Silent Hill, Twin Peaks, and The Wire made messy love all over Candyman while watching reruns of Bozo the Clown.”"

- DreadXP


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